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Tenant Credit Report

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Tenant Credit Report Useful for Screening Applicants

As a property owner, you strive to find the best tenant possible for your rental property. A great tenant will take care of your investment as well as fulfill their monthly financial obligations. To find a good tenant, you’ll need to screen your rental applicants. The cornerstone of your rental screening process is the tenant credit report.

A tenant credit report provides you with key information about an applicant’s financial obligations as well as their payment history. A report that shows an applicant’s history of missed credit card payments, outstanding collections or consistently late with payments will give you insight into how an applicant might perform as a tenant.

What You Can Find In a Tenant Credit Report

A tenant credit report includes information about the individual such as: identifying information, credit history, past credit inquiries, public records and a FICO score. The report gives a good snapshot of how financially responsible a prospective tenant is.

How ClearScreening Can Help

With ClearScreening, you can quickly and easily obtain a tenant credit report with just a few clicks of your keyboard. Be sure to have information such as the applicant’s name, social security number and current address. Once you become a member of ClearScreening, you can easily access the tab to pull a tenant credit report. Other reports that are helpful in your tenant screening are background checks and employment verification.

Membership is free. Just pay a low fee for each report you download. Whether you have just one tenant or manage many units, membership to ClearScreening puts you on the path to easy tenant screening. There are no minimum reports you must run each month. Whether you run just one report or 50 reports, ClearScreenng is the perfect solution. Try it now and be on your way to finding perfect tenants.

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