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Rapsheets Criminal Database Search

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Rapsheets Your Trusted Online Criminal Database

Unlock the Power of Information with Our Rapsheets Criminal Report

Discover the convenience and reliability of our online criminal database search at Rapsheets. Our comprehensive criminal report is designed to provide you with instant access to court records, Department of Corrections records, and law enforcement records, ensuring you have the critical information you need.

Key Features:

  1. Court Records Search: Uncover valuable insights into legal proceedings by accessing up-to-date court records through our user-friendly interface.

  2. Department of Corrections Records: Gain a comprehensive overview of an individual’s criminal history with our extensive search of Department of Corrections records.

  3. Law Enforcement Records: Access accurate and timely information from law enforcement agencies to make informed decisions.

Why Choose Rapsheets Criminal Report?

  • Efficiency: Save time and effort with our streamlined online platform, allowing you to quickly retrieve the information you need.

  • Reliability: Trust in the accuracy of our data derived from court records, Department of Corrections, and law enforcement sources.

  • Confidentiality: We prioritize your privacy, ensuring a secure and confidential environment for your criminal database searches.

Experience the convenience of a seamless online criminal database search with Rapsheets. Make informed decisions and stay ahead with our trusted and comprehensive criminal report.

Search Records provided by all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Rapsheets Criminal Databse Search is our most often used criminal background check for both tenant and employee screening because of its wide area of coverage and its instant results.


Rapsheets Criminal Database Search = $14.95 

* All prices listed are per person, per report.
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