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Collections Services

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Collections Services

We at ClearScreening appreciate you coming to us for your debt collection and reporting needs. Due to changes in our vendors’ policies, we are no longer able to report debts to the credit bureaus in-house. Rather than provide our customers with a subpar service, we have decided to refer all collections and debt reporting inquiries to an outside service.

ClearScreening would like to introduce you to, our online provider of collections and debt reporting services.

Services Offered by

Collection Letter Packages offers collection letter packages that include postage, return envelope, and payment stub along with the package’s set amount of letters. Letters, if more than one, are sent at intervals with increasing severity of language. They include account information and propmts to send payment directly to you. Rates start at $6.95 per package and discounted rates are available for multiple account submissions.

Credit Bureau Reporting

The option to report a debtor to the credit bureaus is available with most packages. We recommend that you do include this option when selecting a Collection Letter Package. Reporting the debt to the credit bureaus not only notifies potential creditors and other landlords of the unpaid debt, but also provides further motivation for your debtor to pay the debt to have the negative item removed from his or her credit report.

How to Sign up with

  1. Follow any of the links to on this page, or click here.
  2. Complete their registration process – only 5 simple steps. They do ask for credit card information, but nothing is charged until you chose to purchase a package.
  3. Select a Collection Letter Package and any Add-Ons, or contact‘s customer service team at or 800-845-1086 to discuss your collections options.

Questions About Accounts with

As an affiliate of, ClearScreening and its representatives will not be able to access any account information supplied directly to or by All questions regarding collections accounts with them should be directed to their customer service staff at or 800-845-1086. Please be sure to mention that you are coming to them from ClearScreening.

Existing ClearScreening Collections Customers

If you would like to transfer your account to, please contact us at 949-215-0180 or to initiate the process.

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