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Manual County Court Search

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Manual County Court Search

County Felony and Misdemeanor Search

Acquire the most up-to-date criminal background records directly from one county. Request a court researcher to search official court records for past felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, and convictions. Provides a very thorough criminal history for one particular county. This search is also helpful when our national searches do not cover a particular county/area of interest. This data comes directly from court and county records searched by court researchers and is one of our most reliable sources for criminal background data.

Whether you’re a landlord, employer, or individual seeking reliable background screening services, our County Felony and Misdemeanor Search provides valuable insights to make informed decisions. Trust our comprehensive approach to criminal background checks for a detailed understanding of an individual’s legal history.

Information returned by the Manual County Court Search

Manual County Court Search = $21.95

* Plus court fees where applicable

* All prices listed are per person, per report.
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