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Frequently Asked Questions

Clearscreening provides a complete applicant screening solution for management companies and individual property owners, both large and small. From tenant screening reports, to criminal and eviction searches, Clearscreening provides everything that is needed to make a qualified decision on a prospective tenant. The company also offers employment-screening services that prospective employers can use to research a potential employee. All these services are provided to you, the Clearscreening customer, in real time, at some of the lowest prices on-line.

Clearscreening is a must for all property management companies and individual property owners who need to check credit on potential tenants. Companies also need the employment screening services that Clearscreening offers, to evaluate potential employees prior to being hired.

Property management companies and individual property owners, as well as companies will have access to run reports on the Clearscreening system. When a new account is set up, certain industry documentation will be requested by Clearscreening from you the customer to satisfy the credit and other information bureaus. We value our relationship with these bureaus and keep strict internal records in accordance with their policies and procedures.

Clearscreening is, on average, 25% cheaper for the reports we offer versus other on-line screening companies. These are the same reports you can get elsewhere, we just offer them for less. How do we do this? We automate the screening system as much as possible to reduce the amount of employees it takes to run the company. The lower the overhead, the cheaper price to you the customer.

No, The only thing you will need to run reports at Clearscreening is Internet access. Any Internet access will do. There is no software to download and no special hardware to buy. You can even access the information from different computers once your account is set up.

You will be asked to provide a credit card when setting up your account at Clearscreening that will be run each month to cover the balance you incur during that month. You will only be charged for the reports you run and never charged a sign-up fee or a monthly fee at Clearscreening. For large accounts with more than 100 units or that plan to run a large number of reports, billing can be set up and can be mailed to you at the end of the month. Please speak with one of our sales representatives if you are interested in setting up a billing relationship with Clearscreening.

Clearscreening has implemented the most secure features available on-line today. The bureaus require it and we are committed to providing it to our customers and the applicants they are screening. To learn more about our privacy policy, click the privacy policy link at the bottom of the page.

Yes! Clearscreening offers full phone support during normal business hours (Pacific Standard Time) as well as 24-hour email support. We pride ourselves on the relationship with our customers and will do everything to provide you the highest level of customer service available in the industry.

Clearscreening offers volume discounts on all reports to customers with high volume. Please speak with one of our sales representatives to see of you qualify for a volume discount.

Clearscreening will provide a simple, yet affordable screening solution to fulfill your entire tenant screening needs. This, coupled with our superior customer service and our instant on-line access, will make your relationship with Clearscreening a successful one.

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