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Address: 132 Joe Knox Ave Suite 100 Mooresville, NC 28117
Bus: (949) 215-0180
Fax: (949) 215-0181
Email: info@clearscreening.com

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  • Userid is NOT your email address
  • Account goes idle with 90 days inactivity
  • Requires detailed credentialling and onsite inspection at time of setup
  • Requires annual compliance training
  • Landlord requests reports using renter’s personal info
  • Must obtain renter’s authorization BEFORE requesting reports

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  • Login with your email address
  • Account never goes idle
  • No detailed credentialling or onsite inspection required
  • No annual compliance training requirement
  • Landlord requests reports using renter’s email address
  • Renter provides authorization as part of the screening process

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