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Employment Verification

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Employment Verification

Verify employment history directly from the institutions, and save time by having our call center fulfill your verification needs. Information from your application is verified, including position, dates of employment, and salary when possible. Initial results are sent within 1-2 business days via an emailed report with updates to follow as they come in.

How to request an Employment Verification

  1. Verifications are processed through a separate system from our other reports. To request a verification please visit our verifications page.
  2. Verifications do require a separate approval, so if you have not yet been approved, please fill out our verification approval form.
  3. Once approved, you’ll use the same username you do to login for your other reports.
  4. Enter the applicant information you would like to verify and hit submit.
  5. Your request will be sent to our verifications team. You will be sent a preliminary report via email within 1-2 business days, and updates will be sent as further information comes in.

Sources searched for an Employment Verification

  • Calls are made directly to references listed.

Information returned by an Employment Verification

  • Hire Date
  • Termination Date
  • Position
  • Salary (if available)

*Please note that some employers will only verify information given.

Employment Verification = $12.95

* All prices listed are per person, per report.
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