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Renter Credit Check

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How to Obtain a Renter Credit Check

Initiating a renter credit check is a safeguard for any property owner. Making sure you have a tenant that manages their credit is the first step in entering into a solid lease with a quality renter. You don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of a renter who cannot pay their rent and has to eventually be evicted.

Here are some instructions on how to go about screening a tenant and obtaining a renter credit check.

Rental Application

It’s important to have a prospective tenant fill out a rental application. This document will have all of the renter’s identifying information such as their name, current address and contact information. The application should also include language authorizing you to pull a credit report and run a background check. If authorization language is not part of your rental application, be sure to have a separate document that the renter fills out.

Find a Reputable Credit Report Company

The next step in your screening process is to find a reputable company that can provide you with a renter credit check. Here at ClearScreening, we provide every service you need for a thorough tenant screening. Once you’ve set up your screening criteria, ClearScreening can fill in the blanks. Our credit checks include all the information you need to get a snapshot of your potential tenant’s financial obligations and payment history. Our renter credit report includes personal identification information, credit and payment history, any outstanding collections items and a FICO score.

How to Run a Renter Credit Check with ClearScreening

Running a credit check with us is easy. Just select the option for Tenant Screening under Credit Profile Report and fill in the required information. Become a member of ClearScreening today and start screening your tenants. Membership is free. You can log in anytime to pull credit reports, criminal background checks, employment verifications and eviction searches.

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