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Credit Reports for Landlords

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Why You Need Credit Reports for Landlords

Why are credit reports for landlords important? Well, you wouldn’t invest a lot of money in a product without doing extensive research on it first, and you wouldn’t lend someone a considerable sum without investigating how likely it is that he or she would be able to pay you back. By the same token, credit reports for landlords provide the research you need to know whether a certain potential tenant is an acceptable risk. The more tenants you have who pay their rent consistently and on time, the better position you will be in financially and the less problems you will have to worry about. You’ll also save time since you won’t need to waste energy chasing down tenants for rent.

How Do Credit Reports for Landlords Help You?

Credit reports for landlords contain all the information on potential tenants that you need in order to make a reasonable determination on whether or not the person is worth renting to. Credit report information includes the individual’s history of bill payment, where they have been employed, and can even include the person’s credit score, which is a measure of a person’s credit risk used by almost all loan agencies when considering extending a person a loan or credit. This information can give you a very clear picture of whether a potential tenant is likely to meet his or her lease obligations and pay his or her rent on or close to on time.

Where Do Credit Reports for Landlords Come From?

If you’ve been taking chances on tenants because you don’t know where to get good credit reports for landlords, you need to know about ClearScreening. Go to and join up. Membership is free, and once you’re a member, you can get as many tenant credit checks as you need by simply providing the necessary information in the Tenant Screening form. Almost instantly you’ll be able to access the credit information you need as a landlord to make an intelligent decision on renting. Remember, ClearScreening costs you nothing to join and there is no monthly or annual fee. You can get as few or as many reports as you want, and you can even get other reports such as criminal background checks or employment verification checks. As a landlord who makes his or her money with successful property management, you need this information, so sign up with ClearScreening and start your tenant checks today.

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