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Credit Checks for Landlords at ClearScreening.com

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Credit Checks for Landlords at ClearScreening.com

Credit checks for landlords play an important role in the tenant screening process. A landlord’s goal is to enter into a rental agreement with a responsible tenant who will consistently pay their rent for a certain period of time. In order to find a great tenant, landlords will set criteria that a potential tenant needs to meet. Credit checks have become the norm for evaluating whether or not an applicant will be a suitable tenant. Requesting a credit report through ClearScreening is a quick and inexpensive way to obtain the information needed to screen a potential tenant.

What Is in a Credit Check?

When requesting a credit check for landlords through ClearScreening, a landlord will be able to access an applicant’s TransUnion credit report. The report will list pertinent personal information such as name, date of birth, social security number, telephone, current/previous addresses and current/past employers. This datd can be used to verify information given on a rental application. Financial information is also available on a landlord credit check. All credit accounts and payment history can viewed on the applicant’s credit report. This shows any credit accounts for banks, retail stores and financial companies. This info is helpful in determining whether a potential tenant has a good track record for consistent payments. Also found on a credit check for landlords is an applicant’s FICO score, any collection items as well as warnings regarding the applicant’s credit risk.

Obtaining Credit Checks for Landlords

ClearScreening makes getting credit checks for landlords a simple process. Once you sign up for a membership, just choose the option for Tenant Screening under Credit Profile Report. The required information needed for each applicant is their name, social security number and current address.

A ClearScreening membership allows you to access many different types of reports. Other than credit checks for landlords, you will be able to obtain eviction reports, criminal checks, employment verification and more. Membership is free and there is no annual fee or monthly minimums for reports requested. Sign up and start screening tenants today.

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