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Background Screening

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What Is a Background Screening?

In the modern world, a thorough background screening is crucial. We’d all like to trust everyone we come into contact with, but there may be things in someone’s past that can seriously impact us if we go into business with them, and it’s important to find out those things now rather than later. Fortunately, we also live in a society with the technological advancements to allow a more thorough background screening than ever before, if we do it the right way.

When Do You Need a Background Screening?

There are a number of circumstances which might require you get a thorough background screening on somebody. If you are considering a prospective tenant, you’ll want to know that the person who will be living in your apartment or home has a clean criminal record and solid financials. If you are hiring someone to work for you, you want to make sure there’s nothing in the person’s history to suggest they will be irresponsible or a threat to the company. If you’re going into business with someone, you may want to confirm that they are of upstanding character. These are just a few reasons why a background screening may be necessary.

What Does a Background Screening Consist Of?

A background screening will involve the checking of a number of databases to generate a full picture of the person being screened. This can include a criminal records search to find out if there is any criminal activity on the person’s record, an evictions search to see if the person has been removed from an apartment or home in the past, a credit report check to find out if the person is in good financial standing, and a bankruptcies search to see if the person has declared bankruptcy.

How Do You Start with a Background Screening?

You can get all your screening needs met easily with one trip to ClearScreening membership is free and there are no monthly minimums to maintain. All you’re paying for is the background information you require, and you can get the information you need almost instantly online. ClearScreening resources can also help you determine what other information you might need for your background check. Remember, failure to do a background screening now can result in expensive consequences later. Give yourself peace of mind quickly and easily by doing an online background check on tenants, employees, or anyone you are planning on doing business with.

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